I was born in the last year of the 20th century and grew up in a small ex mining village, called Ferryhill.

At school I took a GCSE Art course and soon realised the systems structured way of learning about art wasn’t for me, it knocked my confidence and I felt as though I couldn’t do anything other than working with my hands rather than my head so I went on to College and completed a Carpentry and Joinery course instead, however at heart I still felt like I wanted to do art. I ended up doing a work trial at a local woodworking factory which would have turned into a machinist position later on. This truly opened my eyes to everything in life I didn’t want to do, which instantly altered my thoughts on my career path and confirmed a lot of thoughts I was already having.

I feel although I’ve grown up in the era of technology I have experienced some of the best times the UK has had to date… ‘the golden years’ if you will. I feel I have always had this unexplainable connection with nature… I love plants and skulls and other preserved nature... I love being able to look super close at things and having an eye for detail helps a lot with tattooing, it brings everything together.

Although I had a brother in the tattoo industry it hadn’t entered my head that this is something I may be able to get into. I had always been inspired by by eldest brother John, who has his own studio, I eventually ended up speaking to him and began to work there on Saturdays. My job was answering the phones and cleaning initially, then when I completed my college course I went on to work there full time managing the studio. After a while my passion to be an artist took over and so I decided to move on to become an apprentice tattooist at another studio.

One of the many things that drew me towards the tattoo industry is that most are free thinkers and see the world in a similar way, that often comes with a good sense of humour and a want to help each other progress further! I love how tattooing plays such an important role and can be life changing in ways such as tackling body dysmorphia and adding to body confidence in general. I truly feel honoured that I can be a part of that process which I find extremely rewarding.

I love all kinds of tattoo styles, but my absolute favourite has to be black and grey... it’s when I feel my most comfortable and confident. I love being able to take a widely done style and add my own unique twist to it... I’m finding it the most enjoyable taking on the darker stuff as I feel I can just go wild with it, there are no limits. As it’s not just copying an image it’s making it your own... of course it’s about that anyway, but it’s really interesting being able to work with someone to get to know them really well to the point I’m able to alter the pieces of work being able add in things I know the customer will love! It’s more than just getting tattooed it’s about making genuine friends.

I am a firm believer that in every encounter of meeting someone there is a lesson to be learned and that everything happens for a reason... I can take something from every encounter whether it’s a positive or negative one, it is what makes me who I am.

I love meeting new people and what better way than while doing something you love with like-minded individuals!

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