There are dozens of types of ear piercings, from lobe, tragus, cartilage to helix, daith, rook, so if you haven’t found a location that matches what you want, go ahead and ask our piercer about it.

There are may types of lip piercings, from labret, monroe, medusa to snake bites, angel bites, ashley and gestrum. Ask out piercing for more ideas and an explanation of how lip piercing works.

There are many types of nose piercings, from nostril, bridge, septum to nose bone. No matter which one you chose at Buzzin Guns we guarantee a safe and ethical, piercing experience for you.

We also provide nipple piercing, tongue piercing, naval piercing. Not only do we offer but recommend that you book in for a free anatomy consultation prior to arranging an appointment for your piercing.

Professional body piercing and jewellery

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