Safe body piercings

Safe body piercings for a trendy look

ear piercing

A Body Piercing Studio In Durham

Our piercing specialists can provide you with a wide range of body piercing services such as:
  • Ear piercing
  • Belly piercing
  • Nose piercing
  • Eyebrow piercing
  • Lip piercing
  • Tongue piercing
  • And all genital piercings carried out
Contact us today to book an appointment at Buzzin Guns Tattoo Studio.
Are you feeling apprehensive about getting a body piercing? Rely on the qualified artists at Buzzin Guns Tattoo Studio for a safe and comfortable experience. Call us on
0191 374 1719

Safe And Painless Piercing Techniques

With a complete understanding of safety, we use the latest tools and equipment for body piercings. We use high-quality sterilisers and conform to all EU standards for safety. All basic piercings are performed with titanium or PTFE. Should you wish to add jewellery such as barbells, nose studs and tragus bars, look no further than Buzzin Guns Tattoo Studio.

With a variety of studs and belly bars available at our store in Durham, we can offer a full range of body piercing and tattoo services.
Piercing Techniques
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