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Connor hindson tattooist


Hi, my name is Connor Hindson and this is a little about myself.


I was born in 1995 and I grew up in Gateshead, I spent 5 years at Whickham School studying GCSE's, then went on to study A levels. I always had a passion for art, I didn't like feeling compelled to study subjects that I had no interest in alongside what I wanted to focus on. That was the end of school life and it was the beginning of work life.


I left Whickham and moved to Washington in 2011. I walked away having a vision of becoming a tattoo artist. I had seen there was a shop in Gateshead looking for an apprentice so I took my things along and showed my artwork. He liked my work and I walked away thinking I was getting a shot! I didn't get it, I was inevitably disheartened, I lost my drive to pursue the 'vision' I once had, I still needed a job so I started looking for anything full time.


I started working at a fabrication company shortly after, I loved it! I was taken on as part of a maintenance department as an apprentice, while it wasn't art, it was hands on and I enjoyed getting stuck in. I spent 1 year there and the company financially declined, redundancies were made and I was once again looking for work.


Then I got a job at a printing company, I was trained as a machine adjuster gaining experience in manufacturing engineering. I liked hands on work and I spent a lot of years with the company, I’m grateful for the time I spent there and the people I worked with but I still missed art. On my days off I was always putting pencil to paper, either commission work or portfolio (still had that 'vision'). I found a love of animal portraiture, especially dogs. Most of my commission work was drawing pets, I really found my love for art again. I then got to a level of artistic skill where I felt comfortable enough to start looking for an opportunity.


I approached Buzzin Guns in 2019 through a friend Alex, we went to school together and he was working at the studio. I was a little nervous because of past experiences, but I took my artwork along and met Sue and Chris. I walked into Buzzin Guns and immediately felt at home! I was shown around the studio and met the artists, I was in awe of the place. I was lucky enough to be taken on as an apprentice, working alongside my full time job,


I was committed to learning. I've gained so much knowledge and experience from the team and I truly love what I do! I Primarily tattoo black and grey realism, animals are a favourite of mine however I like all aspects of tattooing. My aim is to continue improving my skills to be the best I can be, making our clients at Buzzin Guns happy clients.


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