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- With The Quanta Q-Plus C MT.

Although most people adore their tattoos some people may regret their tattoos or want them changed. Tattoos that indicate a significant relationship such as a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, can become problematic if the relationship ends. That’s why tattoo removal has become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments.

At Buzzin Guns we’re always keen to keep up with advances in technology and we’re now able to offer a revolutionised tattoo removal service. Using different wavelengths of laser we target different colour inks with less complications than ever before. 

The Quanta System laser Q-Plus C MT is a medical laser that represents the most powerful three-wavelength Q-switched laser system for the removal of pigmented lesions and all tattoo pigments on the spectrum. It is the only laser available on the market to offer all three true laser wavelengths. It produces short duration pulses of energy in a billionth of a second (nanosecond) to break ink particles into miniscule granules. 

We offer the most effective laser tattoo removal in the North East. 



True RO Technique

The R0 technique is the procedure involving two laser passes on the same tattooed area without a lag time between them. This pause is about 20 minutes because it is the time necessary for frosting to naturally disappear. The only existing way to perform the R0 technique has been so far through the direct application on the skin of Perfluorodecalin (PFD) to automatically dissolve frosting gas bubbles. The simultaneous emission of Q-Switched laser sources is the key of success especially on color shades like dark blue and black.


While it is possible to see immediate results, in most cases the fading occurs gradually over the 7–8 week healing period between treatments. The number of sessions depends on various parameters, including the area of the body treated, skin color, ink color present, scarring, and amount of ink present. Effectiveness of the immune system may play a role as well.

If you have a tattoo regrets and want your existing tattoo removed and maybe then have a new one created, then come to us. Our tattoo professionals will carry out the removal procedure keeping in mind all safety aspects and your unique preferences. We use sterilised equipment and safe procedures to ensure that we achieve the desired result.

before and after
After 40days 1session

Q switch mode 

When using the active Q-switch of the Quanta Q-Plus EVO series, very short pulses (6ns for Nd:YAG 1064/532nm and 30ns for Ruby laser 694nm) are delivered with very high peak powers.

This combination of energy delivery to the tissue enables a highly efficient photo-acoustic effect, of either the pigmented lesion or the tattoo. This short-pulse, high-energy output also reduces the thermal interaction of the tissue. The bigger the thermal interaction, the more loss of energy making the treatment less efficient and potentially causing more damage to the skin. The unwanted tattoo or pigments that have been hit by the high-energy pulse are fragmented and then removed by the body’s own natural defence mechanism, a process called phagocytosis.

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