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Ammie Shanks tattooist


I’m Ammie, 


After leaving school, I attended college for 2 years, gaining my national diploma in Art & Design,  choosing to specialise in Fine Art for my second year. When my 2nd year had finished I was told by my parents that if I wasn’t in education, I would have to enter the real world and get a ‘grown-up’ job so... I decided to stay at college for as long as possible and chose to do beauty therapy level 2 and 3. This was not the job for me! Again I was stuck not knowing what I wanted to do. I had worked in a couple of minimum wage jobs until 2013 when I was offered a tattoo apprenticeship and I jumped at the chance! 


Initially, It was only with the opportunity of stencilling up designs, cleaning etc but it was a way to get my foot in the door. The tattoo artist asked if I had a portfolio or any drawings ready to show her and the next thing I knew I was ordering fake skin and a machine. A few months in and I had done my first tattoo on my dad. It had always been a ‘dream job’ and I had been designing tattoos since I was around 15. I stayed at this studio for around 3-4 years before moving onto a different studio and stayed there for the next 3 years until I had my little girl. I took a year out of working before renting my own little space for a while before having to close it due to the first lockdown. I’ve been working at Buzzin guns since August 2020 but feels like a lot longer! In a good way. 


I mostly enjoy all styles of tattooing but especially line work and feminine and floral designs. 

I feel like there are things to be learnt every single day in this line of work and from every artist that you work with and I hope to keep progressing in all styles and adding a variety of unique and original designs to my portfolio.


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