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Liv eddy tattooist


Hi there, I’m Olivya, but everyone calls me Liv. I’ve always been into art but for a lot of my life it was a hobby, something to do outside of university or a normal nine to five. However, I’ve never made life easy for myself and decided that I was only going to be passionate about the two things I was told I couldn’t do full time, horses and art. I considered going into the police like my mum but as a riot horse rider. I started to move away from that idea when I moved to a house that gave me the opportunity to rescue and care for horses in my spare time and also when the pressure of GCSE’s and A-Levels came along. That was until my art teacher encouraged me to pursue art because she could tell it was what I truly wanted to do. She did a lot for me not only artistically but personally. 


As soon as I turned 18 I got my first tattoo, from Chris actually and that’s where my first idea to get into tattooing came from, the idea of being able to do art daily but also where the workplace has a light and welcoming atmosphere was very intriguing to me. So I finished up my Fine Art A-Level and went to study an illustration degree that really helped me find my style and technique to help me get into the tattoo world. I created a portfolio of pieces ranging from photorealistic oil paintings and drawings to fine liner illustrations of flowers and anatomy even dark mythical creatures inspired by my love of horror films. 


As I was scrolling through Facebook one day I saw Buzzin Guns posted about a possible apprenticeship, so I updated my portfolio and went to the studio praying I wouldn’t embarrass myself. When I found out I had the opportunity to join the team I was a little intimidated at first but everyone is so kind and easy-going it wasn’t long until I felt at home with them all.


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